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Arthritis as a disease is posing a significant burden on the people of India and there is an emergent need to tackle the problem in a structured & strategic manner. India is a diverse country where penetration and quality access to healthcare is relatively suboptimal. Awareness and early diagnosis are vital to the appropriate treatment of Arthritis.

Looking at the magnitude of the disease burden and the larger goal of creating awareness cannot be achieved by efforts from Government or organizations alone. In fact, it will need a significant contribution from people and public and a more comprehensive approach and effort.

Joint Mitra is the face of people who are willing to contribute to this noble cause of creating awareness and help the patients in pain. Volunteers, youths, Senior Citizens or patients who want to help, anybody with spirit of helping patients can become a Joint Mitra.

Joint Mitra works as a bridge between the health experts and the patients as he has got an intent to help. JM can help to increase the social awareness in the community by connecting with maximum number of patients who suffer from arthritis and make them acquainted about severity and stage of disease

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Spread Awareness

Spread Awareness and provide Basic counselling regarding Joint pain to people with 45 years and above age in their local influencing area

Organize Camps

Joint Mitra will motivate and help patient, suffering from Joint pain, in follow up and provide them a bridge to connect with Xpert to relieve their suffering

Motivate & help patients

Joint Mitra will organize free health check up camps and educate for joint pain with the help of Arthritis Xperts

Bridge the Gap

Serves as the connection between Community and Arthritis Xpert which are physiotherapists and orthopedic doctors

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Joint Mitra Speak

Help Indian suffering from Joint Pain

Awareness is Best Cure

Creating awareness about joint pain will enlighten common Indian to get disease diagnosis at early stage, which will helps to get it cured instead of leading arthritis to disability
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Joint Mitra is a Non Profitable community found to serve society and helping them out to get rid of there joint pain